If you are a wine lover or simply you would like to experience and learn more about the wine tradition that is so strong in Italy, the best way is to visit a  local Cantina (wine cellar) in Franciacorta.
The region of Franciacorta (literally ‘short or little France’) is famous for its sparkling wine. Bellavista, Ca’ del Bosco, Contadi Castaldi are only few of the excellent names appreciated all around the world. It is possible to visit these wine producers and learn more about their secrets.
Imagine a secluded land to the south of Lake Iseo: hillside vineyards dotted by small villages, medieval towers and castles, Renaissance palaces, and historic villas.
You will experience a few hours in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle, walk along vineyards and visiting how wine has been produced for years in these famous wine cellars.
Thanks to our local connections, last but not least you will have a wine tasting in the oldest cantina in Franciacorta, founded in 1870, who obtained the biological certification in 2007 and is producing stellar wine you have absolutly to taste.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll savour lunch at a local trattoria that features organic ingredients harvested at the owner’s nearby farm and obviuosly you will drink their local wine too.