Enjoing food is part of our culture. Eating is a ritual we love.

The art of Italian cooking is not just a matter of learning recipes, it requires coming to understand a whole approach to the preparation and eating of food. We would like to explain you why Italy is famous for its food.
We want to make you understand what does it means to enjoy food in Italy and what you will experiene during your wedding day.

We eat in season. Asparagus is for the spring, tomatoes and courgettes for the summer, mushrooms for the fall, cabbage and hearty stews in the winter, and so on. Order a ‘risotto ai funghi porcini’ in a restaurant in mid-summer and you may get some strange looks. This rule is still valid. We don’t like imported food or forzen fruits or vegetables. You will always find a preference to seasonal food.

Eat locally is another important rule in Italy. Each area of Italy has its local specialties. Even the short train trip from Rome to Florence can be like a visit to a foreign land in culinary terms. On the other hand, these days, as elsewhere, regional differences are beginning to blur. A number of local specialities have become national dishes and are eaten most everywhere (eg, pizza that sees its origin in Naples). But they are still best experienced in their native territory. It’s a unique experience to discover different dishes in all the different parts of Italy. You will always enjoy good food.

What is also very essential in the Italian cuisine is the harmonious combination of ingredients, avoiding clashing combinations.
For example we feel that fish and cheese do not mix. (Never put grated cheese on pasta alle vongole!)

Wine is another important ingredients for each meal. A different wine for different dishes. Italy is well known for all its wine area and can boast really good qualities of wines.

Important is also to take the time to enjoy the food. Sit down with your friends and relax in front of a delicious meal and a nice glass of wine!

A favorite Italian proverb is “A tavola non si invecchia” – at the table one does not age – so relaxed meals are the key to a long life.

That’s why ‘la dolce vita’ is so famous! It’s a lifestyle that you can breath only in Italy.

A ritual that you can experience with your guests at your wedding!