Bergamo – A picturesque town full of history and traditions

Bergamo is one of the most picturesque areas of Lombardy still undiscovered by tourists, famous for its subdivision on two levels: the spacious and modern lower part of the city “Città bassa” and the renowned “Città Alta”, a real historic and artistic gem which owes its splendor to its age-old Venetian buildings. On one side Bergamo is an artistic province, rich of architectural masterpieces like Piazza Vecchia and the old basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore or Colleoni Chapel, in the Upper town. On the other side it is a modern and dynamic town, which perfectly expresses the capacity of combining man’s talent and the nature’s beauties.
Gourmet Restaurant, historic castles, local farmhouses, old villas are only some of the wedding locations you can find in this picturesque town.