The tailored concept.

Sartoria means ‘tailor shop’ in Italian. As meticulously as a seasoned Italian tailor would customize fine clothing to achieve the absolute perfect fit, so we will help craft your event into the absolute perfect one for all your guests. The tailor concept is our mission.

Just like the top Italian tailors, who made a fortune with their made in Italy designs, Sartoria places importance on similar concepts – creativity and attention to detail.
The origin. The next level.

Sartoria born as organization for destination weddings in Italy but it eveloves in the organization of all kind of events.
As the founder Michela can boast a 5-years work experience in marketing and communication for a multinational company, Sartoria has a full range of skills and competences in events management.”

From company events, to anniversary and birthdays parties and more… Sartoria focus on coordination and organization of events placing always importance on the tailored concept.